We mindfully created BUTTER'D BODYCARE to change the status quo of beauty. The beauty/personal care is directly responsible for the plastic-waste crisis. Sustainability isn't just a trendy word. Our strategy is embedded in our mindfulness for a better world. We took non-toxic to another level. We are changing how our wellness affects the planet. 


Up-cycling is a way of using your product for another use/value. Our products are glass, which means that they can be easily repurposed, cleaned and non-toxic. Follow us on social media @butterdbodycare for ideas!

 Here's some ways how.. The possibilities are endless:

  • Plant pots (Aloe Vera, Mint, etc. are often found in most grocery stores)
  • Food containers (Powders, Spices, Sauces, Dressing)
  • To-Go Jar (Yogurts, Fruit, etc.)
  • Smoothie Prep (Liquid, Ingredients, Powder)
  • Gratitude Jar
  • Stationary 
  • Cotton Ball/Ear Swab jar
  • Rice Water Storage (Common Hair recipe)
  • DIY painting crafts
  • Coin/Savings Jar


All products of created and fulfilled in the USA. Our key ingredient is Certified Fair Trade Ingredient. Fair Trade is a global sustainability movement that ensures that the product is farms that aren't harmful working conditions and fair wages for their labor. 

Product Packaging

Our product(s) are made of 100% recyclable material. Our mission is to be mindful to our planet, so stuff your blue containers!

Shipping Packaging 

We are creating ways to compost future paper that will be included in future orders. Our current packaging for our full size packages:

Mindfully sized box: Recyclable ♻️ Paper/Stickers: Recyclable ♻️ Plastic-Free cushioning: You guessed it... ♻️ 

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